Fishers Network creates community among leaders in the Catholic Church for fellowship, collaboration, mentorship, and community service.


We facilitate small groups (Crews) of Catholic professionals in business, education, non-profit, government, and, of course, the Church so that they can share their knowledge, friendship, expertise, and resources with each other and the community. We provided formation materials and a custom built app to maximize fellowship and collaboration.

Crews meet at regular intervals at a location like a parish. These meetings will often feature refreshments or a meal followed by an agenda set by Crew Captains.

Crew members also meet at regular intervals one-on-one. These meetings are where the important mentorship and collaboration opportunities emerge.

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Building community can be hard enough – but finding community with those who share similar positions in their vocation is even harder. Fishers Network is first and foremost about building community among leaders because they have unique gifts to offer each other and their community as well as unique challenges that they can help each other overcome. With fellowship established as a first priority, other important goods will emerge: professional collaboration, mentorship, resource/knowledge sharing, and service to the community.