The Journey

ship1Embark on the Crew Journey

Investing in a Fishers Network Crew will naturally produce countless opportunities for growth, but we’ve also created a custom-built app that will maximize occasions for interaction and collaboration. 

The system makes available all the interactive abilities you've come to expect from industry standard apps but also with built-in prompts, challenges, and formation materials that we call the Crew Journey.

church domeTechnology in the Service of Virtue

The Crew Journey is designed to ensure that crew members are getting the most out of their experience by exposing you to challenges and media that will help shape the comradery of your crew as well as your spiritual, professional, & personal maturity.


pastorBeauty and Functionality

When we say beauty, we don’t mean it the way Apple does. We mean that transcendental attribute of God that expresses itself in truly pleasing art and design. We’ve designed our app to reflect the monumental tradition of beauty in Catholic culture and accentuated it with features like:

  • Interactive posts
  • Automated meeting schedules
  • Crew members stats
  • Easy access to crew contacts
  • Referral management
  • Professional profiles
  • Challenges
  • Custom settings for your crew