Crew Captains

paul viWe Need Your Help!

Fishers Network crews aim to mobilize professional leaders. But if there isn't a crew at your parish, this could be the prompt you're looking for to consider leading a crew yourself. This is the role of a Crew Captain. We need you to be the one to take those first steps to bringing like-minded people together for this unique mission. 

But don't be discouraged. We've developed instructions, agendas, and an app that simplify your role as the leader of your crew. Now you just need to respond to that prompting by takingthe first steps to establishing a crew.

Start Your Crew 

ship2What's Involved

Taking advantage of our Captain's user guide and app, we'll help you:

  • Partner with a chaplain and parish
  • Recruit Crew members
  • Setup your Crew's settings in the app
  • Lead meetings with our Agendas
  • Keep your Crew engaged through activity reports and the Crew Journey

How to Start a Crew